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Best non-skiing Whistler Activities

Down Days: Best non-skiing Whistler Activities

Skiing holidays in Whistler can be physically taxing. Waking up early, pulling on layers and layers of clothing and then spending the day sliding down a mountain can really take its toll on the body. If the weather is cold or snowy, it can drain even more energy. Luckily, when muscles are crying out for a break from this daily… Read more →

winter activities in Whistler

4 must-do Winter Activities in Whistler

When you think winter in Whistler, probably  the first thing that comes to mind is skiing and snowboarding. After all, Whistler Blackcomb is rated as one of the top ski resorts in the world, year after year. It’s the largest ski resort in North America, too, and many locals can attest to living here for most of their lives and still finding new places… Read more →