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Premium Packages


The Premium Ski Package features all this years' latest skis and snowboards and is by far our most popular rental package. Designed for skiers and riders of all ability levels, this package offers a wide variety of skis from the very best brands and is customized for each individual renter. This package includes the latest in women’s specific and junior premium options.

Development Packages


The Development Ski Package features great, easy to use entry level equipment. This rental package was designed specifically for those value driven first time skiers.

Junior Packages


The Junior Ski Packages feature great performing equipment for the 12 and under skiers and riders in your group. These rental packages are also available with Premium and Performace options.

Whistler Rental Rates

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Please note: all prices are CDN$

2021-2022 Season Rate (33% Off)!
Days Adult Development
Ski or Board Package
Adult Performance
Ski or Board Package
Adult Premium
Ski or Board Package
Junior Development
Ski or Board Package
Junior Premium
Ski or Board Package
1 Day $75.35 $50.86 $99.66 $67.27 $111.81 $75.47 $42.53 $28.71 $63.79 $43.06
2 Days $150.69 $101.72 $199.31 $134.53 $223.63 $150.95 $85.06 $57.42 $127.58 $86.12
3 Days $226.04 $152.58 $298.97 $201.8 $335.44 $226.42 $127.58 $86.12 $191.37 $129.17
4 Days $295.37 $199.37 $390.67 $263.7 $438.32 $295.87 $166.71 $112.53 $250.06 $168.79
5 Days $361.69 $244.14 $478.38 $322.91 $536.73 $362.29 $204.13 $137.79 $306.32 $206.77
6 Days $425.01 $286.88 $562.12 $379.43 $630.67 $425.7 $239.85 $161.9 $359.86 $242.91
7 Days $485.21 $327.52 $641.76 $433.19 $720.04 $486.03 $273.87 $184.86 $411.02 $277.44
8 Days $542.49 $366.18 $717.52 $484.33 $805.04 $543.4 $306.19 $206.68 $459.41 $310.10
9 Days $596.76 $402.81 $789.3 $532.78 $885.57 $597.76 $336.81 $227.35 $505.46 $341.19
10 Days $648.02 $437.41 $857.09 $578.54 $961.63 $649.10 $365.72 $246.86 $546.46 $368.86
11 Days $696.28 $469.99 $920.91 $621.61 $1033.22 $697.42 $392.93 $265.23 $584.88 $394.79
12 Days $741.53 $500.53 $980.74 $662 $1100.35 $742.74 $418.44 $282.45 $622.74 $420.35
13 Days $783.57 $528.91 $1036.4 $699.57 $1162.81 $784.9 $442.25 $298.52 $658.44 $444.45
14 Days $822.79 $555.38 $1088.26 $734.58 $1220.99 $824.17 $464.36 $313.44 $691.36 $466.67

Bringing your own boots? You can save approximately $4-10 per day. Please inquire about our board/skis and poles-only packages.

Package Add-Ons

Adult Premium Boot Upgrade $10.00/Day

Upgrade to our Premium level ski boots for the ultimate comfort and performance. This upgrade is available in both men and women’s specific ski boots and will be sure to up your game to the best it can be!

Helmets Adult Or Junior $10/Day To A Max Of $60

Helmets have become a permanent feature on the slopes at all modern ski resorts. Our helmets are designed to provide both warmth and comfort. We recommend that everyone wears a helmet for safety.

Damage Waiver Adult Or Junior $4.00/Day

For a small daily fee you can cover your equipment against all incidental damages incurred during normal use. Unfortunately, the damage waiver does not cover theft or negligent use of your equipment, like skiing onto the sidewalk or down the street.

Adult Clothing Packages $29.00/Day

If you find yourself without the proper clothing for the cold mountain air, we have the jackets and pants you need to stay warm on the slopes. Our rental clothing packages feature Red Ledge outerwear jackets and pants. You can either rent them together or separately to fit your needs. Adult Jacket $20.00/day or Adult Pants $20.00/day.

Rental Equipment

Black Tie Ski Rentals of Whistler is proud to offer the very best in rental ski and snowboarding equipment.

Do you see a specific model of ski or snowboard that you would like to try out? During the booking process you may request your preferred gear in the Comments / Special Requests field. Although, we cannot guarantee availability of any specific model of our rental equipment, our technicians will make every effort to provide you with your requested gear. However, in the event that we cannot fulfill your request, our knowledgeable staff will bring a selection of appropriate replacements for you to try.

Our goal at Black Tie Skis Rentals of Whistler is to provide you with the best fitting gear based upon your ability level, terrain preference, and current slope conditions. Should you wish to switch your rental equipment at any time during your stay, just remember that we are only a phone call away: 604.966.2122.


Atomic - Vantage 79 c

The new Atomic Vantage 79 C 2020 Ski is here and ready to shred for the beginner-intermediate skier looking to improve their all mountain and piste potential. The Vantage 79 C features new technologies such as carbon tank mesh which stiffens the torsional flex to provide improved edge grip while increasing stability and less vibrations and chatter. Prominent tip rocker helps initiate and exit turns, and in combination with a narrow waist gives the ski a quick edge to edge transition and ensures increased maneuverability.

Ability Level:
Intermediate, Beginner
Package Type:


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